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Don’t Just Build a Website, Build a Business and make it work for you! (Part 1 of 6)

We hear too often of people wanting to start a business online or want to expand their existing business online by building a website. A lot of people who start a business online fail or don’t achieve what they set out to achieve. Why? Because there are multiple reasons you can fail on the internet but below we have given you a complete guide to getting started and hopefully give an insight the online market.

Part 1 – Choosing a platform for your website

One of the most important factors these days of running your own business is your website and how you are going to retain your online customers. The first step in doing this is having a well-designed website built on the right platform to achieve all your goals both short & long-term. Below are a couple examples of platforms available and widely used.

  • WordPress platform (Non-ecommerce platform)

wordpress websites belfast










WordPress is an extremely popular and powerful open source content management system based on PHP & MYSQL with huge companies such as Sony and Pepsi being their clients. It is super flexible and includes tonnes of  ”add-on” scripts and programs called Plugins that give you more capabilities, choices, and options for your WordPress website. You can use WordPress to create almost any type of website you require by using some of the latest techniques to create a website for businesses such as salons, barbers, hotels, recruitment agencies, online retailers and many more. Also, WordPress has one of the largest users for blogging on the internet today and grows daily with over 32% of the top 100 blogs using this system as a blogs platform. WordPress is generally used for stand html websites, however it does now have the function of ecommorce as a plugn – which is fine for selling a few items on your website, but not ideal for a fully fledged online store as its backend functionalities don’t compare to what Magento can offer;

  • Magento platform (E-commerce platform)

magento websites belfast


Magento is the perfect solution for ecommeroce websites. Launched back in 2008 it has developed into one of the best ecommerce platforms and used by some of the world’s leading brands like Toms, Nike and Paul smith to name only a couple. It is built using the Zend Framework and uses the latest database models to store data. Magento has powered over 100,000 stores online with most of which being custom built. The Magento platform is built to provide the flexibility to allow you to create a sales channel for your products and services. Get a custom built Magento platform for your online business with all the latest features  to run a successful online shopping cart business.


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